Making Cloud Easy in 2019‚Äč

Thousands of smart New Zealand businesses have innovated and freed up operational and capital costs by moving to the Cloud.

If you’re new to Cloud and would like to understand the benefits for your business, Teem can start you on the right track.

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Why Teem?

Your Competitive Advantage

If you want to build a website, launch a new app or streamline customer relationships we're your one stop shop to ensure speed, scale and efficiency in an ever increasing competitive business landscape.


Moving to Teem's cloud model of "Pay as you Go" ensures 3 key sustainability pillars are met: Environmental, Social and Economy.

Amazon Web Services

Focus on Business

Partnering with Teem provides you access to the leading public cloud solution for businesses of all shapes and sizes. This gives you peace of mind that you can grow you business, improve customer service and increase employee engagement.

Unlimited Power

Using AWS (Amazon Web Services) gives us and you access to the same computing resources that were only previously available to large fortune 500 companies and government agencies.

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