About Teem

Our vision: Make technology simpler for NZ business.

How we started?

The idea for Teem came from husband and wife team Rebekah and Ben Fellows who started with the goal of simplifying technology for Small & Medium Enterprises.

Abundance and Innovation

These two words together describe what we want to provide customers with. The ability to become abundant businesses and innovate or "give birth to" new ideas.

Teem: (v)"Abundant" or "to Give Birth To"

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Our Approach to Customers

People are valued

It is often said that in business the most important thing is making as much revenue and profit as possible. But we believe people are central to success: revenues and profits come second as a result of treating people with dignity, respect and honesty in all business dealings.

Big picture, adding value

We take a big picture approach in developing a proposal and by doing so we give you the added benefit of making sure you get value from day 1.

Our primary goal is to add value to our customers immediately because we believe small steps taken towards a clear goal is better than large steps without a well thought out plan or a plan that is too complex.

Fast moving and adaptable

Another part of our approach is in our agility and rapid development, providing you the added advantage of being flexible in how we deliver solutions but at the same time adjusting to your requirements as your business needs grow.

AWS Partnership

We partner with Amazon Web Services as our primary technology platform of choice to enable you to rapidly innovate, add value to your business and scale as your needs grow.

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Creating a sustaiable business model


Teem provides different industries optimal approaches to reducing their environmental footprint. SMEs that are heavily reliant on technology can do this by utilising the "Pay as you go" on demand nature of cloud.


We strongly believe in creating and using technology that empowers communities, whether that is through open source initiatives or supporting our local communities directly.


Balancing sustainability in a competitive industry can be difficult, but with Teem we make it easier by reducing waste from everything we do. One example of this in action is our strong belief in remote work and reducing the amount of office space we use.

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