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We increase agility and certainty in your business.

Critical Applications

Move critical applications such as your CRM, ERP or core systems to the cloud to provide extra resiliency.

Make Cloud Easier

Using automated tooling, AWS native services and our experience doing migrations we can move the heavy lifting of moving to your cloud simpler and more cost effective.

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Simplify Cloud With Teem

Your key questions answered

Refactor and Redesign

A key question in any cloud project is “Do I Refactor or Redesign?”

The KEY Reasons for this are so that you can:

  • Run Your Website at Scale
  • Develop Your Applications for Agility
  • Improve Your Data for Analytics & Integration
  • Improve Overall Security & Compliance


A key question to ask is “What applications do I migrate first?”

Migrate critical business applications including:

  • CRM
  • Back Office
  • Intranet
  • Email Servers

Launch Servers Easily

Removing complexity is the key to cloud success!

Use our software and tooling to easily launch popular operating systems:

  • Redhat Linux
  • Ubuntu Linux
  • Windows Server
  • Predefined packages (Web, Middleware, App Servers and more)


Remove headaches by streamlining your database setup and migration.

We can assist you in the following:

  • MySQL, Postgres or SQL Server Setup
  • Reduce Licensing footprint
  • Move from Oracle to an open source database
  • Setting up and using noSQL datasets


Start with getting your key security related questions answered.

We can help you understand the following:

  • How Can I Guarantee Privacy in the Cloud?
  • What is Shared Responsibility?
  • How can I meet compliance needs? (PCI, Personal Health data etc…)
  • What tools can I use to enhance security?

Host Your Own Virtual Cloud

Develop a scalable, global secure network

We provide you with the following:

  • Isolated Private Networking
  • Fine-grained Access Control
  • Network Segmentation
  • Simplify Control

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