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The no. 1 metric that matters the most to your business is the number of customers that interact and purchase through your website.

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To ensure the ongoing stability of your website and reduce lost opportunities you need a cost effective platform that scales as your business grows.

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Websites on AWS

Through our own experience of designing, building and running the critical hosting infrastructure for websites we learnt there are 2 critical things that either hinder or grow businesses online:

  • The ability to provide end user website experience.
  • The ability to secure sensitive customer data removing the risk of data breaches.

Traditional web hosting providers don’t provide their customers any tools to manage unexpected traffic or ensure security of data.

Typically a web hosting provider will have multiple customer websites either hosted on the same servers or same network environment meaning any data and traffic in these environments can be accessed by unwanted hackers. Any compromised server on the same network can mean the risk of hacking is increased.

How do you ensure increased security and manage unexpected traffic online?

Choose the right platform.

First you need to choose a platform that is going to allow you to have a low cost of entry as well as the ability to have “on tap” resources to increase website traffic.

Two decades of research from companies such as Net Nielsen Ratings, Google and others has indicated that websites and mobile apps that load faster have better conversion and online retention rates. Bringing a website’s front page load time down from 7 seconds to 3 seconds increases the number of customers.

Secure your data

Second, you need to ensure the platform your use guarantees the security of your data.

What the industry doesn’t tell you is that data breaches have become the norm. We only hear about the reported data breaches we hear in the news. How many other data breaches occur that businesses don’t report and also they don’t know about?

Between 2016 – 2019 our research has indicated that the number of data breachs occurrences has increased dramatically. This has in turn highlighted that Cyber Security is now a top priority for businesses.

“Working with Teem and AWS you are assured that your website hosting infrastructure is designed to scale and safe from the increased risk of data breaches.”

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